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Americana Music

What do we mean by 

"old- time-music" ?

When we use the term “old-time-music”, we mean the traditional folk music of Southern Appalachia.  This music was based on fiddle music of the British Isles with the influence of black musicians both slave and free.


The Civil War spread tunes that were popular in that time into the remote Appalachian Mountains, where they found a home.

 In these mountains.....before radios and records... people shared this music through Oral Tradition as dance music, parlor music and ballads. 

But with the coming of radio, records and the music industry, fewer and fewer people learned to play this music.  They considered this music "ignorant" and preferred commercial music like that turned out by Nashville.  This music was kept alive only in isolated pockets and by a few individuals and families. 

After a few more generations...around 1960 ...about the time of the folk revival, many young people came to realize the value of this traditional music, and sought out the old people in the Appalachian Mountians in order to learn their songs and tunes, thus forming old-time-music communities. 

These are not communities of fans as much as participants in which we find that everyone plays some kind of instrument at some level of skill...and most are surprisingly dedicated and good at their music. 


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